ROTEC Lighting Product

Xenon Ignitor
20 Ampere
ZL 20 XE

Electronic Xenon igniter for direct lamp fit on.



Electronic Xenon igniter for direct lamp fit on.

Regulatory Specifications
Safety · Safety approval together with HBX 180 / 300
RoHS · According to 2002/95/EC

Technical Data

Rated current22 A
Temporary over current < 90 s within a period of 1 min.25 A
Ignition voltage± 14 kVp
Input voltage rangeDC 0-140 V / threshold for ignition > 70 V
Operation modeSymmetrical
Ignition mode controlSelf stopping feature, 1sec operating, self sourcing by ballast, no external Source necessary
Pulse rateApproximately 50/sec. @ 90 V
Repetition ratedepend on ballast, break of min.10 sec. is required
Case temperature90°C max at potting surface near main coil
Cable length to lampDirect contacting, no cables nescessary
Dimensions (L x W x H)95 x 60 x 27 mm excl. contacts
Weight160 g ± 5 g
Connectors2 x M4 and 2 x M3 screw terminals, torque: M4 = 1.2 Nm, M3 = 0.9 Nm