ROTEC Lighting Product

HR Igniter
10 Ampere
ZG 501

Self Stopping HR Igniter



Self Stopping HR Igniter

  • Igniter for metal halide discharge lamps operated by electronic ballasts
  • Suitable for discharge lamps with lamp voltages not exceeding 300 V DC or Square wave or 240 V AC and lamp currents not exceeding 10 A
  • Maximum current of 10 A
  • Compliant to RoHS-directive 2002/95/EC
  • UL approved
Regulatory Specifications
Safety · IEC (UL) 60950-1
RoHS · According to 2002/95/EC

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Type (Osram)

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Technical Data

Temporary over current < 90 s within a period of 5 min.10 A
Ignition voltage± 15 kV
Input voltage rangeSquare wave AC or DC 0-300 V / sine wave 0-240 V AC /
threshold for ignition > 150 V
Operation modeSymmetrical
Ignition mode controlSelf stopping ignitor ca. 2 sec.
Pulse rateApproximately 100/sec.
Repetition rateDepend on ballast
Case temperature80°C max at measurement point with airflow, when operating with currents above
6.5 A and below 7 A and 60°C max at measurement point with airflow and
operating with currents less than 10 A at ambient temperature not exceeding 35°C
90°C max at measurement point without airflow when operating with currents not
exceeding 6.5 A
Cable lengthHV to lamp 30 cm max. for hot re-ignition (50 cm cold) LV from ballast, limitation according to ballast spec.
Dimensions (L x W x H)68 x 57 x 22 mm
Weight150 g
Connectors4 x M3-screw