ROTEC Lighting Product

Electronic Xenon Ballast 100W
HBX 76

Electronic Control System for Xenon and Mercury Lamps with onboard Igniter



Electronic Control System for Xenon and Mercury Lamps with onboard Igniter


  • Power supply for metal halide or xenon filled short arc lamps
  • Designed for xenon and mercury short arc lamps rated up to 100 W
  • Output power customer selectable by DIL / 16 step-switch
  • Capable to drive lamp voltages ranging from 8 to 45 V
  • Certified by OSRAM and USHIO
  • Input voltage range from 90 V AC to 264 V AC, power factor corrected line input, built-in EMI-filter: meets CE and FCC part “A”
  • μP controlled, digital power management with high output stability over lamp lifetime
  • Output short circuit protected
  • Galvanic separation of lamp output and line input, thermal shut off at 90°C
  • Indication function for end of lamp life selectable and shut off for lamp fail parameter
  • Customer adjustable to less than 0.3% rms light flicker at all frequencies uninterr.
  • Default light stability with modulation of less than ± 3% during full wave supply interruption
  • Auxiliary regulated 12 V / 0.2 A output for fan drive (available only when lamp lit)
  • Flexible design: new lamps and functions adaptable by software

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Type (Ushio)

Type (Osram)

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All values are valid at 25 ± 5°C, unless otherwise noted

Nominal OperationSymbolUnitNominalTolerancesRemarks
Input voltage AC-LineUV AC100 - 24090 - 264
System wattagePLIW14060 - 145Depends on select
Input currentILIA0.22 - 1.65Depends on select
Line frequencyFinHz50/6047 - 63
Line power factorPFC11.00.92 - 1.0
Ignition SymbolUnitNominalTolerancesRemarks
Ignition voltageUignkVpeak± 14± 12 - ± 17Load capacity < 20 pF
Ignition timetign onsec.10.9 - 1.1
RunMaximum cable length
between ballast and lamp-up
lmaxmm240max. 300Open ends
Nominal Operation
Lamp voltageULaV7.4 - 45± 5%Depends on lamp select
Lamp wattagePLaW50, 75, 100± 2%Selectable 50, 75, 100
Lamp currentILaADepend on select
End-Of Life-Cut off voltageU La, maxV45± 2 V
End-Of-Life-Cut off timet EOL-Offs< 0.2
HF-Ripple of output powerPLa,rip
P La
%< 3 p-p7.4 V - 45 V
LIFETIME DATA · All values for Uu = 230 V mrs, Temperature at test point = 70°C
Ballast lifetimetLifeH25.000>25.000Acc. to MIL HDBK for
nominal operation
Length x width x heightL x W x Hmm128 x 86 x 53
HousingClosed case Al- U-profile
WeightWBkg0.41± 0.02ECS 100 DC-y (incl. Igniter)