ROTEC Lighting Product

Electronic Xenon PSU
HBX 1000

Electronic Power Supply for Xenon Lamps up to 1 kW



Electronic Power Supply for Xenon Lamps up to 1 kW

Certified to DNVGL-CG-0339

Order code

HBX 1000: Standard version
ZG 60Xe: 60Amps Ignitor with asymmetric ignition, for anode or cathode ground operating
ZG 120Xe: 120 Amps ignitor with asymmetric ignition anode or cathode ground operating


  • Power supply for xenon filled short arc lamps
  • Designed for xenon short arc lamps r ated up to 1000 W / 66 A
  • Output power customer selectable by controle voltage 0 – 5 V
  • Capable to drive lamp voltage ranges from 15 – 29 V
  • length x width x height (mm) 220 x 132 x 141, 2.660 kg
  • PSU boards inside IEC(UL) 60601 approved and HAL T tested
  • Input voltage range from 90V AC to 264V AC, power factor corrected line input
  • μP controlled, digital power management with high output stability over lamp lifetime
  • Output short circuit protected and “Arc to Ground” protected
  • Operation with cathode or anode to ground/PE possible
  • Galvanic separation of lamp output and line input, thermal shut off at 90°C
  • Shut off function for end of life and lamp fail parameter
  • Ballast cascadable for use for higher wattage Xenon lamps
  • Auxiliary regulated 24 V / 0.2 A output for subsystems, permanent available
  • Flexible design: new lamps and functions adaptable by software
  • Other lamps on request

Adapted for the following manufacturer

· Osram lamps · Ushio lamps · Luxtel lamps · Perkin Elmer lamps

Additional information

For Manufacturer

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Type (Ushio)


Type (Osram)

Type (Superior Quartz)

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All values are valid at 25 ± 5°C, unless otherwise noted

Nominal OperationSymbolUnitNominalTolerancesRemarks
Input voltage AC-LineUV AC100 - 24090 - 264DC-Voltage
Input voltage DC-LineUV DCDC-input is possible but not certified
System wattagePLIW600 - 1150Depends on select
Input currentILIA5 - 14Depends on select
Line frequencyFinHz50/6047 - 63
Line power factorPFC11.00.93 - 1.0
Line inrush current limitingApeak13Limiting Element will be shorted by relais
Leakage current to PEILeak_SAμA< 500 @ 230 VStandalone
Other Operation Data
System wattage during ignitionPlignW25< 30
System wattage standbyoperationPLIStbyW1.50.5 - 2.0
Ignition voltageUignkVpeak± 8± 3Load capacity 15 - 20 pF
Ignition timetign onsec.0.40.2 - 2
Run-up Operation
Run-up current @ 15 V
66+ 10 %
Inside specified lamp-parameter
(select by internal mode-switch)
In rush currentlmaxA800 - 1 ms
Nominal Operation
Lamp voltageULaV10 - 29± 5%Depends on lamp select
Lamp wattagePLaW1000± 2%Fixed factory set-up mode # 4 1000 W
Lamp currentILaAUp to 66Depend on set-up
End-Of Life-Cut off voltageU La, maxV30± 1VAfter run-up completed
End-Of-Life-Cut off timet EOL-Offs< 0.2
RF-Ripple of output powerPLa,rip
P La
%< 1 p-p15,5 V - 30 V
50 Hz - 60 Hz ripple%< 1 p-p< 4 p-p13V 30V
Shift in output power with
shift in input voltage
∆ P La
∆ U Ll
1< 0.005Within nominal values
Open circuit voltageU OCVV110105 - 120
GL in certification
Length x width x heightL x W x Hmm220 x 132 x 141± 1
HousingClosed AL