ROTEC Lighting Product

DC-Lamp Ignitor
180 Ampere
ZG 180 XE


Igniter for low voltage DC-lamps with Lamp-Current up to 180A.


Igniter for low voltage DC-lamps with Lamp-Current up to 180A.


  • Unique drive system: needs no more external power source, self synchronisation with ballast
  • Igniter for DC-Xenon and DC-Hg discharge lamps operated by electronic ballasts
  • Suitable for low voltage and high current DC Lamps.
    Operates between 85 V and max. 200 V DC ballast open circuit voltage
  • Nominal Current of up to 180 A with natural convection
  • Maximum Current of 250 A with additional fan cooling
  • Compliant to RoHS-directive 2002/95/EC
  • Self stopping operation (< 1 sec)
  • DC-Impedance of about 650 μΩ
  • DC-power loss of about 6 W @ 100 Amps, 21W @ 180 Amps
  • DC-Power loss of 37 W @ 250 Amps (with forced air)
  • Cathode or Anode operation to Ground/PE with same type

Regulatory Specifications

Safety · According to IEC (UL) 60950-1
RoHS · According to 2002/95/EC

Additional information

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Type (Osram)

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Type (Ushio)

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Technical Data

Rated current180 A, add cooling, depend on ambient temperature
Temporary over current < 2 min for lamp run up300 A
Ignition voltageMin. 45 kVp (50 KV - 65 KV)
Input voltage rangeDC 85 V - 250 V / threshold for ignition > 85 V
Operation modeAsymmetrical: Cathode or Anode grounding
Ignition mode controlSelf stopping ignitor < 1 sec./self sourcing by ballast,
no external source necessary
Number of PulsesApproximately 80 per attempt
Repetition rateDepends on ballast, break of min. 10 sec. is required
Operating temperature100°C/115°C max. @ Ignition coil TP 1 / 85 °C @ TP 2
Cable lengthHV to lamp 50 cm max., for hot re-ignition: as short as possible
Dimensions (L x W x H)160 x 54 x 54/76 mm
WeightRoughly 1450g
Connectors2 x M10 Screw-Terminals with nuts M10 for cable-shoes,
1 x M3 screw for counter wise polarity