ROTEC Lighting Product

HR self stopping ignitor
ZG 8 Hg


Igniter for Xe and Hg lamps


HR self stopping ignitor for HID and Hg lamps For electronic and magnetic ballasts

  • Revolutionary system needs no external power source, self synchronisation with ballast
  • Suitable for lamps with operating voltages up to 250V AC
  • Nominal current of up to 9A with natural convection
  • Self dynamical timing operation
  • Extremely low noise operation @ rectangular waveforms
  • Compliant to RoHS-directive 2011/65/EG
  • Single Phase operation of 230Vrms – 40Hz/440/Hz
  • DC and rectangular input voltage of up to 400Vrms
  • Terminals for M3 screws and cable shoes

Additional information

For Manufacturer

Type (Osram)

Technical Data

Maximum current9A (For US-applications, refer to figure 2 for temperature limitations regarding ambient temperature)
Temporary over current < 90 s within a period of 5 minutes11 A
Ingnition voltage+/- 14 kV
Input voltage rangeAC-DC 0-300 V / threshold for ignition > 150V
Operation modeSymetrical
Ignition mode controlSelf stopping ignitor ca. 2 sec.
Pulse rateApproximately 100/sec.
Repetition rateDepend on ballast
Case temperature90°C max
Ambient temperature75°C or for US-applications Tmax = 90°C - 0.68°C/A2*I2 whatever is higher
Cable lengthHV to lamp 30 cm max. for hot re-ignition (50 cm cold) LV from ballast, limitation according to ballast spec.
imensions (L x W x H)59,4 x 58 x 25mm
WeightAbout 130g
ConnectorsHigh Voltage and Low Voltage cables