• Power supply for xenon filled short arc lamps
  • Designed for xenon short arc lamps rated up to 1000 W / 66 A
  • Output power customer selectable by controle voltage 0 – 5 V
  • Capable to drive lamp voltage ranges from 15 – 29 V
  • length x width x height (mm) 220 x 132 x 141, 2.660 kg
  • PSU boards inside IEC(UL) 60601 approved and HALT tested
  • Input voltage range from 90V AC to 264V AC, power factor corrected line input
  • µP controlled, digital power management with high output stability over lamp lifetime
  • Output short circuit protected and “Arc to Ground” protected
  • Operation with cathode or anode to ground/PE possible
  • Galvanic separation of lamp output and line input, thermal shut off at 90°C
  • Shut off function for end of life and lamp fail parameter
  • Ballast cascadable for use for higher wattage Xenon lamps
  • Auxiliary regulated 24 V / 0.2 A output for subsystems, permanent available
  • Flexible design: new lamps and functions adaptable by software
  • Other lamps on request